3 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico (2020)

sunset landscape with big waves puerto rico

Puerto Rico is a busy tourist spot because of the vast coastline that it covers. As a tourist, you get to enjoy different beaches along the coastline.

Each beach has its own special features that attract thousands of tourists each year. You get to enjoy water activities, sea food along the coast line and so much more.

Let’s have a look at some of the top-rated beaches in Puerto Rico, which attract most tourists throughout the year.

As a US citizen, you can visit the Island without a Visa whereas others will have to get one to enter the Island.

You can board on direct flights and land in the heart of the Island to enjoy the amazing sunsets, views at the finest beaches. So let us look at the 3 best beaches in Puerto Rico that you may wanna visit.

3. Sucia Beach

Sucia Beach, also known as the Dirty Beach by the locals, is a must-visit. The beauty of the beach is simply calming and relaxing.

The scenic beauty and the calming waves attract groups of tourists on the weekends.

If you wish to enjoy a peaceful day then weekdays would be best suited for you because the place is packed on the weekends.

La Playuela (Sucia Beach), Cabo Rojo

sunset landscape with big waves puerto rico

2. Flamenco Beach

The scenic beauty of this place is simply breath-taking and unbelievable.

Nature outdid itself at the Flamenco Beach. The crystal clear beaches and the green palm trees just add a peaceful and calming vibe to the place.

The mountains surrounding the area add more greenery and attractiveness to the place which makes it perfect for enjoying nature.

One of the best things about Flamenco beach is that it is quite spacious, and so, you can easily find your perfect spot somewhere if you look hard enough.

Moreover, the beach is equipped with all the necessities so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

1. Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach is best known for its warm waters that are enjoyed by both the tourists and the locals throughout the year.

Since the depth of the water isn’t too much, local families spend most of their weekends at this crescent-shaped beach.

You can enjoy a bunch of water activities apart from swimming, as you can rent certain water sports gear from the nearby stores, and have a fun-filled day this amazing beach from dusk till dawn.

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