Citibank Government Travel Card (2020)

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Citibank Government Travel Card is a must if you want to make your world tour.

Citibank Travel Card is the perfect choice for people seeking to see the world without paying sky-rocketing fees and with considerable perks on the side.

The card provides several services if chosen, including fast travelling, first class access to hostels alongside free rides to your desired destination.


Why you shouldn’t travel without Citibank Government Travel Card?

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This card allows you to earn percentage mile-rewards upon every dollar used locally or using booking sites.

The miles won can never expire! Moreover, they can be redeemed easily through hotel bookings or flying tickets, and even free visits to airport- related lounges.

On one hand, this card is good for normal people who just enjoy travelling too much, people who wouldn’t say no to some services but won’t have to pay good money for them, and people looking for redeemable offers.

On the other hand, the card is not recommended to people who avoid having credit cards with fees or the people who don’t travel that much!

Citibank Travel Insurance

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Is acquiring a Citibank Travel Insurance really a necessity?

Citibank provides you with either paying for premium insurance, or complimentary visa travel insurance (with a Citi Premier Miles, Citibank Cash Back or Citibank Rewards Card).

We all agree that free things are the best, but you might want to step back on this one and give it some thinking, because plans set by complimentary insurance fall behind when it comes to insurance standards.

In case you decide to go with Citibank’s travel insurance, you’re gonna have to pay a premium since both AIG and AXA are high-end brokers.

The fee will cost much and it won’t do as good as you had anticipated but still, both companies have professional experience regarding emergency assistance.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then Citibank’s visa travel insurance plan might just be your thing.

Click here to find more about Citibank Travel Insurance.

Citibank Travel Insurance Credit Card

Citibank offers a card called The Costco Anywhere Visa Card, that has rewards for credit and that restores some of the money spent in every purchase.

This card enables you to win:

  • About 4% cash back in restaurant
  • About 5% cash back for the first 7000$ spent on gas
  • About 3% back on any other purchase from Costco.

Costco members are not required to pay for an annual fee.

People bearing this card have access to damage and theft protection, warranty coverage to extended date limits, and travel accident insurance.

One of the main features of this card is that there’s no annual fee for it, so you can use it without fear of renewing it.

Nonetheless, this card does require an active Costco membership. And additionally, there is no sign up bonus coming with it.

Citibank Thank you Travel

Citibank ‘thank you’ travel service points represent a currency that can always be redeemed for many rewards.

If it is something you’re not accustomed to, try to know more about who the service’s partners are, and how to process in dealing with them using your credit points.

You can also book flying tickets using this service within the Citibank range of partners.

Citi Transfer Partners

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Citibank Travel Partners

Citi thank you service has more than 14 partners.

(Other partners like ‘Hilton Honors’ ended their contract with Citibank at mid-December 2017).

You should note that the ‘Thank you’ service conducts transfers at a 1:1 ratio “that means 1,000 Citi ThankYou bonus points exchange to 1,000 miles/marks”

Citi thankyou Partners are the following:

  • Asia Miles
  • Avianca LifeMiles
  • EVA Air Infinity MileageLands
  • Etihad Guest
  • Air France/KLM Flying Blue
  • JetBlue TrueBlue (1,000 Citi” Thank You” Bonus = 800 TrueBlue marks)
  • Jet Airways JetPrivilege
  • Garuda Indonesia Frequent Flyer
  • Malaysia Airlines Enrich
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer
  • Qatar Airways Privilege Club
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
  • Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus
  • Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

On their official website, you will find all Citibank Travel ThankYou Airline Partners points transfer

How to Apply Online for a Citibank Government Travel Card?

Citibank Government Travel Card

In this PDF, you will find:

  • Citi applicant and supervisor procedures
  • How to fill an online Citibank Government Travel Card application
  • Government travel charge card delivery
  • Government travel charge card verify receipt

Citibank Travel Notice

Those are the steps to Complete a Citibank Travel Notification Form Online

It is advised to notify your bank before attempting to travel abroad to any occurrence of any problem, but while many people don’t face problems with their accounts even without noticing their banks, people took it for a habit.

Nonetheless, it is always good to have precautions and fill your online notification form for a smother relationship between you and your bank.

Citibank Government Travel Card Login

For an existing user, just enter your username and password on the CitiManager login form.

Citibank Government Travel Card Lost

Notify the nearest Citibank agency if you think that your card was stolen, or in case you notice any irregular activity in your account.

You can contact customer service by clicking here to fnd contact details for your region.

To make contact with the Citibank customer service center:

Call Citibank Government Travel Card phone number 1-800-790-7206
24/24 7/7; every day of the year.

If you contacting the center from outside of the US:

Call Citibank Collect at 904 – 954 – 7850

You should expect a letter containing instructions after you report your lost or stolen card to Citibank, you need to follow those instructions.

For your security and privacy, Citibank will block every reported card.

However, if you still notice any strange activity, you need to contact your Citibank customer service center.

Government Citi Card Online Payment

mouse and bank cards and a coffe all describing online payment

A Citibank client should know about the ways through which they can pay for the card’s bills, and it can be done whether online through the website, cheque, or Bill desk.

Yet, there are many other ways that you will discover while reading this article.

The video below shows how to complete an online payment:
[ib_youtube video=”o7XOKFTZgt0″ thumbnail=”hqdefault” ]

Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment using other Banks Debit Card

You can still get a credit card from the bank even if you don’t have bank savings.

In the event of not having a savings account in the same bank, you can still pay for your card bills with those funds, but you would need an online banking access in order to do that, through what is called the National Electronic Funds Transfer option.

This method requires a client to meet a certain deadline. Consequently, it is always recommended to use this method if one is certain he would be able to pay in time.

Bill payment through NEFT

To proceed with your Citibank credit card payment, follow these steps:

  • Go to your online savings net banking account
  • Select NEFT option after choosing the ‘Fund Transfer’
  • Choose ‘Add a beneficiary option’ to be able to create your Citibank credit card as a beneficiary
  • The beneficiary name will be your name as it is on the credit card
  • The number of your credit card will be the beneficiary account number as well
  • The name of the bank will be Citibank N.A
  • You will have to choose any of the accounts from a drop-down list payment account
  • The IFSC code is CITI0000003
  • The branch address shall be Citibank, Chennai
  • After submitting the needed details, click on ‘Confirm’
  • It may take around 30 minutes for your bank to add Citibank as your beneficiary
  • As soon as the beneficiary is added, you can then transfer funds to your credit card.

Bill payment through RTGS

  • Go to your online net banking account
  • Choose then Real-time Gross settlement ‘RTGS’
  • From the drop-down field, you can choose the already added Citibank Credit Card Number as a beneficiary
  • Provide the amount you wish to transfer
  • Provide your phone number or your email
  • Code PIN that you can use only once, will be sent to your phone
  • Write down the OTP on the space they will provide you
  • Click Submit
  • Your bill will be paid on the same day

Citibank Credit Card bill payment through E-pay

Yet, it is also possible to pay your card’s bill through a service called E-Pay, without possessing a Citibank account.

It usually takes 2 working days for the process to be completed (except for the weekend).

These are the steps to follow:

  • Go to BillDesk PGIDSK
  • Provide your Citibank credit card number
  • Type again your credit card number
  • Provide your phone number and email
  • Provide the bill money amount
  • Click on the “E-Pay Now” after selecting what savings account you choose to use
  • The page will send you to another secure page to do your payment

Payment using Debit Card Online through Bill Desk

Bill Desk is considered to be a major payment provider in the Indian banking system.

This facility provides a swift easy payment for people in need of paying their card bills, and this is how you can do it as well:

  • Go to BillDesk Citicard
  • Submit your Citibank credit card number
  • Type again your credit card number
  • Provide your email
  • Provide the bill money amount
  • Choose the bank account from the list of participating
  • Click on “E-Pay Now”
  • The page will send you to another secure page to do your payment
  • Follow the instructions and the payment will be completed successfully

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