5 Cruise Ports in Florida (2020)

view of cruise port in florida

The best thing about the Florida state is that it is surrounded by water and you can easily reach the destinations through different Cruise Ports.

Everyone loves a cruise ride so why not travel via a cruise instead of using any other means?

Florida is famous for having the most ports. There are a total of five ports that you can cruise from to various locations.

Let’s talk about those five cruise ports in Florida you can access in order to take a trip to the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands for the vacations.


5. Port of Miami

There are various cruises that you can take from the Miami Port.

If you are an outsider then you can fly via the Miami International Airport that is only 15 minutes’ drive away.

You can book a cruise to the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands from the Miami port easily.

The best thing is that different cruises leave at different times and you can schedule yours in advance before you land.

4. Port Everglades/Ft. Lauderdale

You can schedule your cruise package from Port Everglades/Ft. Lauderdale easily.

If you are an outsider then you can simply access the port via The Miami International Airport.

The shuttle services will pick you up from the airport and take you to the port for your ride. You can book your packages for the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands through this port.

The best thing about Everglades port is that it is certainly renovated. There are some modern passenger facilities added to the terminals which makes it quite easy for the passengers to board on and off the ships.

view of cruise port in florida

3. Port Of Jacksonville

Port of Jacksonville is one of the best ports to take a cruise to the Bahamas for the vacations.

You can fly to the Jacksonville Airport and then travel to the port via the shuttle service.

2. Port Of Tampa

A cruise from the Port of Tampa is the perfect ride to the Caribbean Islands.

You can start your journey by flying to the Tampa Airport and then via a taxi to the Port of Tampa.

The ride to the port is quite exciting as well as you get to meet locals and enjoy the scenery on the road.

1. Port Canaveral

Simply fly into the nearest airport to the Port Carnival and take a cruise from there to Orlando to enjoy a fun family day at the Disney land.

You get to enjoy the cruise ride and the Disney world on the same day.

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