3 Best Examples Of Ecotourism (2020)

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In the time of awareness related to responsible travel, ecotourism tourism is a new term that seem to take place lately.

There has been news about how much tourism can affect local echo systems and financial states.

And not to mention the nearly 10% greenhouse emissions caused by tourism, in addition to the damage caused by hikers concerning national parks.

There is actually a wide portion of people who value the environment in general.

But what does echo travel tourism actually mean?


What is Ecotourism and why is it important?

Ecotourism place

What is Ecotourism Tourism?

Many organizations define ecotourism tourism as the responsible travel to natural places, in a manner that would preserve their human and natural richness.

It’s not destined to urban areas tourism since it’s obviously about nature.

People should bear in mind the fact that their place of residence during their traveling is not as significant as their actions towards that place.

Ecotourism enthusiasts do their best to protect that place from threats, as they also hire local guides to freshen the local economy.

In many parts of the world, you might wanna check if there’s an ecotourism organization around, for things like a Uganda safari experience or Thailand, or maybe even a mountain hike in New Zealand.

Why ecotourism is important?

The concept of ecotourism doesn’t only lessen the negative effect on visited places, but it also helps the financial, cultural, and natural assets of those societies.

I mean if we work on making people knowledgeable about the importance of environment, won’t we are bringing a new eco-doctrine into existence?

We did well by not listening to people discouraging recycling, as ecotourism is getting famous day after day.

Benefits of Ecotourism

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A number of conservations have reported that their actions have resulted in lower poverty rates and brought new tourism-related jobs to the concerned areas.

There are many signs that it’s actually working:

  • Tourists get to see nature as it was created, without any human intervention.
  • The government and local organizations find themselves obliged to protect the natural richness with new laws.
  • Ecotourism provides low-cost adventures with a significant value, as well as natural resting places.

Principles of Ecotourism Tourism

Ecotourism is based upon the shared sense of responsibility towards conserving nature.

This would mean that people who are enrolled in this movement have to adopt some of the following guidelines:

  • Raise the awareness of the communities they live in.
  • Help funding conservations and guiding visitors.
  • Help to provide the locals and industries advocating this cause with financial aid.
  • Contribute to designing low-cost facilities.
  • Build empowerment and solidarity by respecting the beliefs of the indigenous people.

Is ecotourism a good career option?

man on the sky looking for a job

If the splendor of nature fascinates you, and you think that it should be properly preserved, then you have found your dream job, and here’s why:

  • You would represent a fast-growing movement.
  • You will have the chance to protect the environment more effectively.
  • You will enhance the local community abilities regarding their financial (more employment) and cultural states.
  • You will be working on a global scale and with people with international recognition and experience.

Ecotourism Tourism Examples

By adopting ecotourism values, visitors will get to discover new cultures, which represent a crucial part of ecotourism alongside other elements such as the protection of natural assets and general knowledge people gain about other countries, not to mention the revenues local people make.

Ecotourism in the Amazon

map of Amazon jungle

A trip to the Amazon is something people would take pride in, however, there are some things you need to keep in mind before embarking on the journey.

A thorough study of the area is necessary in order to avoid animal and wilderness dangers.

You must also see the forecast for the weather as it rains heavily there in different seasons.

Ecotourism Dominican Republic

colorful houses in dominican republic as an example of Ecotourism Tourism

Protected parks

Within the Dominican Republic, about 20 National parks scatter on its soil.

People have the option to obtain permits for some dollars to camp in the woods, or they could get themselves a room in hostels situated in the parks.

Wildlife and Marine Sanctuaries

The Dominican Republic provides for its guests more than 5 reserves and marine sanctuaries to encourage ecotourism, while it sustains this level of desirability by advertising its bird and maritime life.

As for the activities available there, you could opt for trekking, horse riding, and many more.

Local communities

Within the Republic, there is a group of foreign organizations that advocate ecotourism, and conduct many projects such as the one in relation to selling local products to visitors.

 These organizations provide marketing training to local artisans so they could generate additional revenue that is much needed in some parts.


Traveling experience in the Dominican Republic can be spent in the highest peaks too.

As a result, there are many wood cabins assigned by the government to host visitors and offer the best lodging service and provide mountain activities.

Bird watching and ecotourism in the Dominican Republic

People attracted to bird watching activities can rest assured that their expectations about the country will be fully met, as they will witness rare and on the brink of extinction -birds that can be found nowhere else.

You may as well argue that entrepreneurs have destroyed some parts of the wildlife in the Dominican Republic, but things are turning out to the best since most of the natural areas in this country are now untouchable by anyone other than ecotourism supporters.

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Hotel and forest in costa rica as an example of Ecotourism Tourism

People travel to Costa Rica for various reasons. It is a land of exquisite beauty with its beaches and green landscapes that are well protected by the people there.

People come to places likes Costa Rica, to rid themselves of the concrete image they have grown up in all their lives, and embrace a true taste of nature, and so will you, when it’s time to visit Costa Rica.

These factors help improve tourism as an active sector within the governmental structure.

Why Costa Rica?

Brief History

Costa Rica is one unique country and that is no surprise when we dig deep to find answers!

This was mainly due to the way its government approached ruling, an approach free of political and military conflicts and one that puts its citizens’ wellbeing first.

We can see that by contemplating in their constitution that banned creating a military body for instance, which helped to avoid unnecessary internal and external conflicts.

Moreover, the financial resources that could have been directed into building a military force were redirected to other vital sectors like healthcare and education.

The environmental awareness in Costa Rica has reached some fascinating levels, as the government works hand in hand with the population to preserve what represents about 6% of the global biodiversity, including forests and parks.

Despite the fact that most surrounding countries surrendered to deforestation for reasons that are beyond their powers, Costa Rica kept itself immune against these temporary financial temptations because the government is fully aware of the value of environmental preservation, let alone the other side of the spectrum that is ecotourism, which the government works on promoting year after year, and which generates an additional revenue and coffers for its citizens.

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