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8 Travel Alone Best Places (2020)

The following travel alone best places are protected, full of energy and fun.

What’s exciting about traveling is that you’re free to go or do whatever you want, discovering new trails, seeing new people.


8 ) Iceland

Iceland is known to be one of the safest countries on the planet if not the safest of them all! This is mainly due to peaceful nature of its inhabitants, according to international indexes.

Alongside being peaceful, it delivers a wide variety of local tourism options with easy and smooth access.

You can get there through most international airports, then rent a car to get around and visit popular natural sites that include waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs.

And you can also swim in the infamous blue lagoon with floods of tourists next to you, all chilling in the warm waters, watching a sunset like you would not believe.

You should bear in mind that these earthly activities are due to the tectonic movements that Iceland sits on.

As indicated by the Global Peace Index for the fifth time Iceland is the most secure place on the planet.

7 ) Kyoto

Kyoto delivers an exceptional travelling experience. This city in Japan is selected as one of ” travel alone best places ” because it is safe (Japan is one of the safest countries in the world as well).

Travelling solo there is something very usual and common among Japanese people, they even lend you a hand if you ever got lost or needed anything, their tourism officials confirm this.

You can resort to the mystical castle of ‘the golden pavilion’, which is a very acknowledged tourist attraction site.

The castle has served as a spiritual house for hundreds of years. And despite looking gorgeous from the outside, one cannot compare it to the internal décor and design, especially the top floors that are covered in real gold.

Another site worth visiting is the city’s shrine that is dedicated to the god of food and drink. By the way, you can find multiple restaurants that offer the best food and drink around.

Whether it’s Italian, French, or Arabic, you will always find what you’re looking for, not to mention their speciality, which is seafood.

Japan has made it possible for foreigners to roam freely in it by providing discounts and special transportation cards for tourists, so they could see make their experience as rich as possible.

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6 ) Montreal

Another safe spot in today’s world, is Canada. All Canadian cities are great for solo traveling, as they are super friendly and safe of course, despite how huge the country is!

Montreal in particular is very accessible and a pretty much close to everywhere even the US.

It’s not even a one-hour flight away from the northern parts of the states, and as we all know, both countries share the language.

It’s mainly a French-speaking city but with English sovereignty, so pretty much everyone speaks both French and English.

For this reason, if you ever find yourself within its streets, you will feel its French design and atmosphere without going all the way to Europe.

If you originate from an English-speaking country, you would not feel any difference seeing how cultures have so much in common including the language.

This also means that you will get the most out of it, and enjoy whatever Montreal has to offer you, from beautiful museums, great food, general hospitality, and much more.

Transportation is also available when it comes to taxis, buses, metros, and the city’s biking system.

It is a really fantastic destination if you’re planning on travelling alone in the next few months.

5 ) Ireland

It is no surprise that travelling alone enables the establishing of connections between travellers and locals, as it also gives you other binoculars to see other cultures from, different language, different sense of humour and joking.

Ireland is a destination where all these components could mash up, where an amazing adventure awaits.

You can make for an initial destination, the islands located in west Ireland. It is strongly advised by tourism experts.

You should also make sure to wander around using horses or wagons, and do not forget to break the ice between you and your driver since he knows a lot about the region and its inhabitants.

For a change, you can turn to more inner-city areas like the old streets of the capital and the bars filling its sideways.

There, you can make lots of friends that would not hesitate to make you part of their groups even though you are just passing by.

As for the lodging, you do not have to look far, as those pubs offer some rooms they have upstairs just for travellers like yourself.

4 ) Maui

You would think it is somewhere over the pacific for its unique tropical weather, but Maui, Hawaii is not that far and does not require a passport, all for you to enjoy.

This spot provides you with a number of activities that you would take part in without feeling like you are ruining someone’s wedding or honeymoon.

People there will show you how to perform their exotic dancing movements and traditions, as they will also direct you to the best surfing spots on the island.

If you like daring sports, then you are in the perfect place! In Maui, you can belt-zip around the island in fashion. Furthermore, you can enjoy a nice surfing session on the island’s massive waves.

When you are done with all of the above, go to the nearest city to the north, and walk around farms with everything that comes with them, from cheese to milk and wine!

3 ) Botswana

Many international indexes see Botswana as one of the best countries in Africa in terms of governance and peace. No wars, no famine, and wealthy thanks to its reserve of diamonds, that the state used to promote the general lifestyle, as well as wildlife.

It keeps more than 25% of its soil dedicated to national parks and reservations. All of this is done to create relief in tourists’ minds from any safety concern.

In Botswana, if alone, you will be able to enjoy the perfect Safari experience in many locations. Moreover, it exceeds the normal 4×4 drive to physical interaction with the wildlife.

You will also be able to go out in picnics with native tribes and their leaders to learn more about their culture and way of life.

2 ) Queensland, Australia

Welcome to one of the top destinations of solo travellers in Australia, welcome to Queensland.

When you arrive, you shall find an arranged service of welcoming people that will hook you up with locals.

These locals will tell you know everything you need to know about the region and introduce you to the city attractions.

You have many choices regarding what to see and visit first, is it going to be the museums, the opera houses, or the historical monuments?

As for food and drinks lovers, they will undoubtedly go searching and seeking to explore the best food providers they could find.

The ride won’t be that much fun if some diving and swimming is not included. And the best places to try these out would be in ports scattered around Australia, but mainly the ones located in the northern coast.

1 ) Venice, Italy

lake view inside the city of Venice, Italy

The swimming city of Venice counts among the most visited places in Europe. Its charming waterways and narrow allies are perfect for solo walking and discovering.

You’re going to want to spare some time to check out other places such as Doge’s Palace and a collection of the best museums in the world.

At sunset, you could go and meet up with new friends at the nightly organized carnivals and festivals, where you can try all sorts of Italian food (everything you ever knew about Italian food from cheese to pasta and pizza) and wine.

At night, you can take some breathe away from people and go the surrounding islands where you can watch of Venice in all its lights and splendour!

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