Treehouse Hotels in Sweden (2020)

trrhouse hotel in Sweden surrounded by snow

Instead of staying in a traditional hotel in Sweden why not trying a floating treehouse hotel?

Sweden, a Scandinavian nation, is one of the most natural tourist spots in the world.

Apart from the beauty of the islands and the glaciers, the nation offers the tourists with some great and unique accommodations.

The leading designers and architects of Scandinavia put together this amazing and existing tree hotel in Harads that has a touch of nature and luxury.

You get to enjoy the forest life after a wonderful day and sleep peacefully away from the city life in this remarkable ecological hotel that opened its doors to the tourist in 2010.

two ducks swimming in the river of Sweden

The hotel consists of seven uniquely designed rooms and unlike other hotels, each room has its own different layout and design which is different from the other.

You get to sleep under the sky with the smell of the forest and the sound of the whistling tree leaves.

The mornings are even better than the nights because you get to witness the mesmerizing sun rising in between the trees and the sound of the birds that soothe the ears.

Book your rooms before the tour so that you get to enjoy this amazing once in a lifetime experience.


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