10 Best Treehouse Hotel in Texas (2020)

treehouse hotel with bridge

Treehouse hotel in texas has something that regular hotels don’t!

You are wrong if you still think that treehouses are only for children. These buildings are now found in most parts of this globe, and many of them are in Texas!

So, buckle up and enjoy the ride to nine of these marvelous treehouses scattered all around:

10 ) Birdseye Perch, New Braunfels, South Texas

treehouse hotel with bridge

Picture a scene where you get to head to your own treehouse while embracing your loved one, or having a deep conversation in your own deck, under the 200-million-star hotel you’re living in. Pretty marvelous, isn’t it?!

Grab your backpack then, prepare yourself, and go enjoy your stay in that treehouse.

While you’re there, you also might want to check other activities out, mainly watery, taking place around the treehouse.

9 ) Deluxe Tree House, Austin, Texas Hill Country

What people love most about this treehouse, is the historical tree around which it was built, In addition to many other charms, particularly this stone shower and a courtyard full of colorful flowers, as well as a fountain.

If you’re a food lover, restaurants scatter around the treehouse for you to get to eat what you crave in the deepest of woods.

8 ) Casita Roja, Austin, Texas Hill Country

If you ever resort to a cavern seeking the solitude away from the noise and distractions of the daily life, while still enjoying a nicely equipped place, this treehouse could be your place.

With its wondrous view of forests as far as the eyes can see, this treehouse guarantees a calm and lovely stay.

7 ) Rio Frio Lodging

This one location is worthy of winning the ‘treehouse of the year’ award without having much trouble.

A few miles away from the Garner State Park, sits the Rio Frio Lodge from which you can appreciate the beauty of sunrises and sunsets from its high deck, leaning on a giant cypress tree.


6 ) The Tree House at Davis Ranch Retreat

blue flower field in austin exas

Being the latest piece of a collection of the Davis Ranch retreat, this natural sanctuary that got its share of TV appearance through the ‘Tree House Masters’ program, provides nothing but calm, steam baths, and massages.

Everything one would need to relax from a long hectic year at the office.


5 ) Lost Parrot Cabins

Surrounding Lake Travis, sits this escaping destination for many people, as it is filled by a creative atmosphere and sparkling design.

It is where the friendliness of locals meets the delicious meals of the region.


4 ) Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

This will be an unforgettable experience for you. This treehouse sits upon the highest branches of cypress trees.

While you’re up there, you can hear night’s birds howling while you’re sleeping in your high tree chamber.


3 ) The Cabins at Balmorhea State Park

Where else would you find rest other than the biggest stream-fed pool?

There, you can do all sorts of activities from swimming to diving, and come back in the evening to your relaxing room.

You can see now how many away from people- residence options you have in Hill country!


2 ) Hideout on the Horseshoe Cabins

Only a few minutes away from Downtown Gruen, you will find these comfy and charming cabins in the famous Horseshoe Loop.


1 ) Laity Lodge

This site is the perfect getaway from the busy city life, for artists, newlyweds, and for people looking for peace in general.

It also hosts many events and activities through which you would spend time evenly between them and relaxing at your cabin.


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