Treehouse Hotels Guide (2020)

Treehouse Hotel

Thinking about spending a night in a Treehouse Hotel ?

To spend a night in a treehouse hotel sounds worse than it seems, for the simple reason that there are real beds in treehouse hotels.

Nevertheless, it is always up to you to choose whether to stay in a hotel of this type or not.

If you are used to the services a real hotel has to offer, a treehouse might not be the thing for you; but if you don’t, various offers from various hotels of this sort are waiting for you.

The difference lies within the quality, the comfort level, as well as regions these hotels are ‘hanging’.

One can always find a treehouse hotel that suits his/her needs, whether it’s luxurious with big rooms and comfy pillows, or simple, when a nice clean bed and a small balcony seem to get the job done.

You can always be sure that you will find that spark of adventure and romance, which will make your decision to come here one of the best you ever made.


What is a treehouse hotel?

What is Treehouse Hotel

The shape or design depends on the taste and appeal of its owner or architect, from the height that may go up to 8 meters, to external appearance and stilts they’re built around.

I may have a guess on what you’re thinking about and I assure that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, as the rooms are supported with stilts that even the fiercest wind can’t shake.

This comes in support of people who are afraid of heights, as well as other people who have concerns about the security of their belongings.

Treehouse hotel VS Real hotel

Versus image

There exist some assumptions that a real hotel offers more than what a treehouse can offer, and it is true to some extent, but they are really not that different, allow me to explain.

Throughout the time these hotels have been around, they have developed premium services suitable to the wealthiest of people, from Internet connection and cable to a full minifridge, there is almost everything a guest may ask for.

The thing is, if you get yourself a luxurious room, your adventure won’t be that adventurous, while a simple room may provide you just with the right amount of excitement you needed!

One more thing people should be aware of is the food service.
In a treehouse, you will find yourself obliged to make your own food, however, if you want to give your hands a rest, you can always book treehouse with a restaurant.

Why you should consider trying treehouse hotels?

It’s worth your while in every possible way!

In addition to reliving your childhood memories, your time there would benefit you greatly on the spiritual level.

What’s better than a treehouse for you to spend your vacation?

It is indeed an unforgettable experience!

Where a holiday tastes different than those before, and I am certain that once tried, people will always find time to go for it again and again.

Many countries like Germany and Switzerland have just as much treehouse hotels as the States, it is widely spread for a reason, and that reason will be discovered once you try it out.

2 Best Hotels Places in The US

Treehouse Hotel

Treehouse Hotel in Ohio

In the middle of Holmes county, Ohio sits the Mohicans treehouse, one that is known for the surrounding quietness and spectacular natural decor.

Deep in the forest, you will find Mooney’s estate where they have built their compound of six treehouse hotels.

This earthly version of Valhalla neighbors the Mohican State Park as well as many other natural assets, which made it one of the best places to do your favorite river sport like rafting.

You’re also no more than half an hour away from Loudonville town if you want to do some activities requiring human interaction.

The hotel welcomes you with a simple yet beautiful bridge walkway leading to the front door.

It is needless to say that it is built on top of huge trees working as supporting pillars, but not all weight sits upon them, as fortified platforms were added to help to maintain the balance and prevent unneeded accidents.

The interior is as appealing as the exterior, with good quality equipment in the kitchen, alongside door handles and shelves made of excellent wood carvings.

Where’s the fun if we can’t actually climb to get the house?

Every single house at the property requires some climbing, especially the red house. All in all, they’re fantastic and only one click away from booking.

People looking for these hotels are gradually increasing in number, as well as the prices.

It all depends on whether it’s an offseason and time of the week. But in general, it should range from 200$ to 400$.

As for the preparations, you will be contacted once you make your reservation on what to bring and what will be available in your room.

Treehouse Hotel in California – 5 Places

Treehouse Hotel Northern California, Central, and Southern.

There are multiple choices concerning treehouse hotels in California; as they deliver a fair discharge of the state’s busy life.

Few choices you may consider among:

5 ) Star Redwood Treehouse:

Santa Cruz beaches have never been closer, with this beautiful natural building that is situated in Central California.

It was handcrafted using redwood and natural pine.

At this hotel, two adults can enjoy the sound -if anything- of silence or a couple of tweets every now and then, while drinking their favorite wine.

With its queen bed and huge shower, it is the perfect resort after a long day of laying in the beach reading.


4) Post Ranch Inn:

Sitting on the cliffs of Big Sur, this Inn’s treehouses are solitary structures built as previously mentioned, on stilts.

They have a stairway leading to each house, as they are 9 feet above the ground.

Each room has a bed, a desk, not to mention a skylight to observe the universe.

At Post Ranch, crowded cities seem so far away as all see from your window is the pacific from one side, and a landscape of forests from the other.


3) Redwood Treehouse, Healdsburg:

This one right here, rates amongst the best treehouse hotels in all of California.

It is characterized by ‘La Casita’ guest cottage that offers a fantastic vacation escape for more than one family, and while being an absolute natural beauty, the Healdsburg area provides many river activities, Canoeing and rafting to name a few, so there is plenty for you to do if you decide to give it a try!


2) Idyllwild Treehouse:

This mountain treehouse has one of the most beautiful scenes you can ever wake up to, as you open your eyes to the vast landscape surrounding you, while it’s not even a mile from there to Idyllwild village, and only 2 hours away from LA and San Diego.


1) Redwood Treehouse, Corralitos:

This treehouse sits in the middle of the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz.

People in charge leave plants to grow naturally, as they have already let two of them grow right through the treehouse.

Travelers can find their peace here by taking a walk through the woods that surround the treehouse.

Despite being nestled in the forest, no place is too far: Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Monterey…

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The World’s Best Treehouse (with a spa!) – is also the World’s Best Airbnb!

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